Syrinx Reeds

oboe,piano and soundtracks

oboe: Maarten Karres
Piano: Arianne Karres

Syrinx Reeds is a composition based on a story from the collection  Metapmorphoses from the writer Ovidius. This story is about the satyr Pan who wants to rape the forest nymph Syrinx. She fled from him and changes herself into bamboo. Pan makes a flute of this reed.

In the composition the narrative elements can be heard; the singing of Syrinx, the seduction of Pan, the chase and finally the metamorphose of Syrinx into a panflute.

The soundtrack is forming an acoustic space around these two figures. Syrinx Reeds is written for the duo Maarten and Arianne Karres in comission of the Fund for Creating of Music Utrecht 2002